Saturday, November 2, 2013

Work Place with the Drunken Stampers

Hey, hey! Thanks for visiting today! Are you ready for another challenge with those crazy gals who call themselves the Drunken Stampers? The challenge this week is 'place'....a workplace. Hmmmm, my job as a nurse takes place in boring buildings and nothing came to mind on how I could make it interesting. 

Then...I thought- it did not say MY workplace! So I decided to be inspired by my sister's workplace! She is a florist and would be mortified to have created a bouquet like mine-- too skimpy, not enough greenery, she would never put in a flower that looks like the stem is broken-- lol- but I guess you get the idea! I did not put a sentiment on the card- so it can be used for a variety of occasions. 
The stamps are from Stamps of Life and each flower and sprig of greenery is a separate stamp- so the poor arrangement is all my own doing! I used one of my favorite tools- a Sakura clear glaze pen to highlight the flowers and I also covered the entire vase. The 'water' is a piece of vellum form my stash-at least 15 years old! Yeah me!

Why are you still here-- go look at all the other cards - you will be inspired!
Have a wonderful week and please find time to craft on!


  1. Your sister should be proud. I love that little flower and looks like real life. My flower do droop that sometimes after just one day. Maybe the flowers had too much to drink. LOL I like that you used the strips of paper to match the matting paper and they go so well with the background paper. I get such a kick out of the name of this challenge every time I hear it. Enjoy your weekend at URI.

  2. Perhaps that one flower is drooping because it had too much to drink! LOL! After all, this IS the Drunken Stampers! I think this card is fabulous Diane!

  3. GREAT card Diane - but even BETTER story.. Grin.. I have THREE younger sisters so your comments about whay YOUR sister would say/do made me laugh right out loud because it is SO TRUE Grin.. thanks for sharing

  4. Such a pretty card, Diane -- and I think minimalism is all the rage in flower arranging, isn't it? ;) Besides, you can never go wrong with roses.

  5. Ohhhhh love it! Great card and thanks for sharing the back story :)

  6. I love the story behind it! And had to laugh at your sister's imagined reaction....still giggling :) Love the vellum water - super cool!

  7. The water vellum was a great idea! Way to use up that stash! Ten more years and it would be classic. I love the different flowers. I think they are very cute, even if your sister thinks that there wouldn't be enough greenery. But there's a clear glaze pen? I need one. I haven't shopped for glaze pens in ten years. Most of mine still work!


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