Saturday, July 25, 2015

My Final Operation Write Home Box

After making my card for the final OWH sketch this morning, I took my package to the post office and sent my final box to Sandy for Operation Write Home. It is exciting to know that most of our troops are either home or will be soon and therefore there is not a huge need for a non-profit like OWH.....mission accomplished! Sandy has posted a few pictures of the boxes sent in before the final deadline (8/1/15) and she reports she has more than enough cards for the rest of the year and into 2016.... and I am guessing beyond!
Here is the final OWH sketch:
Sketch 259

I rotated it and kept my card very simple-(no coloring!) I wanted the image and the sentiment to be the important aspects of the card. I also created this with the recent challenge in mind-- to create a love card without a honor of past shipper Dixie! 
I did make a card colored with copics- and I just did not get the serene feeling I was looking for- so I tried again without any coloring!

And my 2 final OWH cards- happy winter cards:

I will miss the consistent contact with the group of wonderful ladies who made OWH what is was- a fantastic organization- with such dedicated volunteers- and lots of creative talent! I used to look forward to the Sunday morning sketch each week-it definitely motivated me to create and I loved to see what others made. I am so happy that many OWH ladies have blogs and participate in lots of I am not saying good bye to this group....we will continue to cross paths in so many ways! And of course, is going to continue to teach and inspire us!
Thanks to Sandy, Fabre, Kris, Dixie and Caro for all your sorting, packing and shipping over the years! And Marlene, Sybrina, Paula, Jan, Kristie and so many more who taught us, challenged us, inspired us, shared with us over the years and prompted us to create our best for our troops!
I know I am going to continue to 'craft on' but now maybe my family will get homemade cards! LOL
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  1. Oh Diane, what a wonderful thing you've all been doing with OWH. Love these cards - and it's so good to know that it's 'mission accomplished'!


    Di xx

  2. Diane, These three cards are so very special and that first one does have that serene look you were going for. Wonderful job. It's nice that we have all met each other and will be able to keep in touch with our cards and projects. I always did and still do look forward to seeing your posts. You have such wonderful cards to share with us all the time. See you around blogland.

  3. Diane, I must admit I got a little choked up reading your post. I feel exactly the same way and you said it so well. OWH has been the glue that held us all together but I know we'll keep in touch and find a new mission. I love your Christmas card--very clever to go non-color--and I love your bunnies sledding down hills! You rock. OWH forever!


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