Sunday, May 5, 2013

It is National Scrapbooking Day! Happy Cinco de Mayo and Happy Nurses Week!

Like all good scrapbookers, we at OWH take things an extra step....we do not just celebrate 1 day- we make a whole weekend of it...and have a VCMP!
Challenges are posted every few hours and I have to say-challenge is the right word for some of them!

#1. ODBD- this one was right up my alley- create a Missing You card. ODBD donates the shipping cost for boxes of cards sent to our troops if we card makers post 25 cards; they will pay for 2 boxes if we post 50! Yahoo! Or as my Sammy says- YEE HAW, Auntie Di, Yee haw!

 #2. Paula wants us to use a sketch to make a card for a child! Another one I can handle!

#3. Sandy inspired us to make a romantic card has a little combo of romance and humor! Challenges are getting a little harder!

#4. MY BIG FAIL! OK- this one is the hardest for me...make a card based on a scrapbook layout...Nancy came up with the hardest challenge for me! I need to pull out some of my albums and see if I have anything I can adapt! Or check out some of my Page Maps books! I will come back to this one!

#5. Our Sunday sketch-- love it!

#6. Julie prompted me to go through some of my photos of Italy and create a Hero card!

A picture I took from the Duomo in Florence!
The day was perfect and I climbed 7 million steps and lived to talk about it!
 #7. JoAnn made some great summertime cards!

AWWWW-and Sandy has a googlie eye challenge up now! This one will need to wait!
It is Nurses Week and here are the cards I made yesterday for my staff. I also like to bring in food each day- ranging from healthy to decadent! I have to get in the kitchen and get my fruit bowls started- I am starting with a healthy treat. 

I did not use my light tent today- and I can see that all my cards came out darker today- sorry!
Have a wonderful week and craft on!
Happy everything today and all week!
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  1. These are so fabulous - each and every one! I especially love the first one with the combination of denim and bulap! Great combo! Well done on all of them!

  2. You did a great job on all of these Diane! Don't feel bad that Scrapbook Page one stumped me too. It took me 3 tries before I had something I was willing to share, LOL! The burlap on your cowboy card is a great touch and the coordinated watermelon paper is terrific with your beautifully colored cutie. Thanks for joining in the fun and playing in my VCMP challenge this weekend.

  3. Wow these are all great, Diane! Love the photo you used for your AnyHero card, looks great with the bling! Thanks for joining in my OWH VCMP challenge!

  4. A great group of cards!!! I really like how you used the burlap to add dimension and texture on the first card.

  5. Awesome group of cards! Love them all, especially that little duck!

  6. Wow, you've been busy!! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful summertime card on my OWH blog party post. It's soooo cute and I love the vertical stripe line with those polka dots! And yay for the fun deserts! I'm having to come back to the scrapbook one this week, too. I'm digging out my old scrapbook layouts because that one really stumped me!

  7. Great cards! Love the summer card---it's super cute!

  8. Great great touches. I thought aha when I saw the torn paper for sand. The papers on the sketch card...super sweet. Of course the burlap and rounded corners on the first are perfect. tfs!!!

  9. FANTASTIC cards! Love the cave man and woman! Wow, they're all great! ~ Marilyn

  10. Terrific group of cards Diane. Love your take on this week's sketch. I really love your ability to match colors and patterns so they work together. That little duck is so darn cute!


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