Friday, March 22, 2013

MFT Cowboy! Yeehaw!

This was a long, hard week at work and we had some more wintery weather..not too fun. Today, I finally had a chance to make some cards- yes- fun!.
The midweek throwdown is to use ombre.....hmmm,
as defined at OWH: Shaded in tone with colors graduating from light to dark.
I can do that... and tried to used the copic airbrush-but ran out of canned air halfway thru! So, I just blended several shades of blue copics across the background paper.  If you have visited my blog before, you know I adore My Favorite Things stamps. Check out this cowboy and the barbed wire fence-- this may be my new favorite stamp set....OK- for at least this week!

My next card was trying to use this month's topic at Paula's Design Bootcamp at OWH:
Another dog cut by the Cricut and SEI paper.  Looking at the 2 cards- I think I did better with my cowboy card using the Rule of Thirds!

I received an Amazon gift card from work this week- as a thank you for all the extra work over the past month--(or 10 years, lol) so I used part of it to buy a light hopes of taking better pictures. I do not see a huge difference, but I am going to keep trying to take clearer pictures of my cards! I also ordered some more copic canned air with the was a nice surprise!

Thanks for stopping by!
Take care and craft on!


  1. Cute cards Diane! I love your background on the cowboy card and that fabulous MFT stamp! Adorable dog card too, cute paper! Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Tammy x

  2. I love the cowboy. Your background is PERFECT!!!! I too love MFT..they have the cutest images. Great job!!!

  3. Great job on creating that Ombre background... it's a perfect background for that cowboy and I love hoe the subdued silhouette of the fence and grass really allow the image to pop. The Cricut dog is a cutie too. I have to agree with you the the cowboy shows stronger use of the rule of thirds. I have had a lot of OWHers tell me that they've found in looking at their cards that they've used it a lot without even realizing it, and those are cards that the wound up really loving, so if you did it unintentionally you;re not alone. Thanks for joining on on the March Bootcamp and sharing these. :)


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