Tuesday, April 16, 2013


The tragedy at yesterday's Boston Marathon fills me with sadness. I do not understand- nor will I ever- why some people want other people to be hurt and suffer.  When I am sad, I try to find ways to keep going- and luckily for me, I have several ways of doing this...card making is one of them. Out of yesterday's horrific tragedy comes the reminder that there are truly wonderful people in this world- those who will rush to the aid of others-no matter what. I thank the Boston Police, the State Police, local FBI, our National Guard and the many EMS and medical folks who responded to the needs of our community. So, with a heavy heart- I made some cards.

The first card is for this month's boot camp at OWH-  use the design rule of odds....  use an element an odd number of times.  I used 3 butterflies...I also used 3 pearls on each side... I know the pearls adds up to 6- but I liked the balance of using 3 elements twice! 
Bootcamp Header

My next card is based on the sketch posted Sunday at OperationWriteHome.org. I turned the sketch and used the carpenter boy as the focal element. Not exactly as the sketch appears- but I did use it as my layout inspiration. I had this old paper that is like cork- so I thought that would make a good place to hang some tools!


Take care, craft on and please offer your prayers for those who were injured or killed and their families and friends.


  1. Amen to your comments on the horrible events in Boston. Our world is filled with unknown heroes who rush to help the fallen, and in spite of the madness, there will always be a shining star nearby to guide us through the fire and smoke.
    I too turned to making a happy card for our deployed heroes, and I absolutely LOVE your take on Sunday's sketch! That sketch completely threw me and I just can't seem to put one together! Well done on both!

  2. two great cards...esp love the border punch on the first althought the three sizes of butterflies provides great visual interest. WD on the sketch...love that image!

  3. Great cards! I love butterflies and putting them on the flowered paper is so cute. The use of the cork on the Father's Day card is awesome. Someday, when I'm rich and famous (or at least rich), I'll have to get some Copics. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  4. Well said, Diane, at a time when it's hard to find any words to express our feelings. Thanks for giving us smiles with your pretty cards. Love the trio of butterflies and the cute way you interpreted the sketch. The corkboard is AWEsome! Hugs.

  5. Beautiful job on your Bootcamp card Diane! I like the pearls flanking your sentiment too and the butterflies are just so pretty. Nice Father's Day card too. Both the cork and the ruler papers are terrific. Though I haven't been crafting this week I agree that it can really be a great form of 'art therapy' to make cards and knowing that some hero will put it to use is icing in the cake :) Thanks for joining in the April Bootcamp.

  6. I share your feelings about what happened in Boston. Creating is such a good outlet for sadness. Your two cards are just wonderful. Love the yellow butterflies and the pearls, lovely card. Terrific Father's Day card with the cork and an image substituted for one of the panels. Great job on both of them!


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